By Wen Spencer
Tinker is a human inventor girl living in Pittsburgh on Elfhome - Pittsburgh shifts from the Elvin realm to Earth once a month. As wargs, giant dog-like elvin creatures, chase an Elvin noble into Tinker’s scrapyard, her world is turned upside down and she soon finds herself having to deal with the Elvin court and creatures she never knew existed.

tinker (1)Right off the bat, action and mayhem ensue drawing the reader in to the story quickly. Tinker is such a fun character reminiscent of Buffy (a review on the cover said as much – may have been the reason I picked it up :) ).This book is full of action, adventure, science, and even a bit of romance. Once I finished this novel, I was eager to read more by Spencer an. Luckily, this book is the first in a trilogy and Spencer has several other books available. The sequel to Tinker, Wolf Who Rules, is currently on the way to my house :)  

 Spencer marvelously blends fantasy and science fiction like no other. While science fiction/fantasy is lumped together as one genre at bookstores, there are hardly ever any books that blend the two genres together so seamlessly and never as well as Wen Spencer does. Elves and quantum physics – sounds fun right??