Throwback Thursday!

That’s a thing, right?
I first read Juliet Marillier’s book Daughter of the Forest ten years ago, and it is still one of my favorite books – I can’t say how many times I’ve re-read it! It is one of my comfort books :)
I have always adored mythology, especially Celtic or Norse mythology. This story is based off the familiar six swans myth (originally a German fairy tale) and is a beautifully retold in a Celtic setting. The tale is that a King’s six sons are transformed in to swans by their evil stepmother. The seventh child, a daughter, must make six shirts of starwort while being silent for six years to release the curse. Sorcha is the daughter in Mariller’s retelling and undertakes the task of bringing her brothers back suffering through many unexpected trials and forming new friendships. In the end, she may just have to choose between the love for her brothers and the love for another.
The Swan Princess by Anne Anderson

The Swan Princess by Anne Anderson

Oh, the characters in this novel are polarizing! I love that feeling…when you encounter characters who are so real to you that you develop strong feeling for them. Sorcha is one of the strongest heroines I’ve encountered. Her spirit and love for others is inspiring. Marillier paints a fantastical, historical world rich in tradition and captures the tension and transforming nature of a pagan world being with introduced to Christianity. Her attention to detail draws you in to this Celtic world and its religion and politics.

Marillier is one of my favorites authors and writes exquisite fantasy. Her world building and characterization is top tier and her lyrical prose is just beautiful to read. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction, fantasy, or mythology.

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