//The Casual Vacancy//

casual-vacancy-cover-art-hi-resby JK Rowling

The book everyone has been waiting for…..what comes after Harry Potter??

I have read several reviews from disappointed Harry Potter fans complaining that The Casual Vacancy was nothing like her beloved series. Well, no it’s not. It’s not supposed to be. It’s an adult book marketed as an adult book. The premise: small town, open city council seat, politics, deceit, and GO! A city council member dies leaving the townspeople looking to fill the seat, which brings to light the cultural and economic gulf between the two sides of town. No wizards, no magic.

I enjoyed this book simply because none of the characters were very likable, yet they were relatable, making it almost uncomfortable to read at times. I realized it was because these characters’ innermost thoughts and desires were often petty, yet undeniably human. It was an interesting read that commented on class and social issues, while developing a plethora of main characters. The novel had a clear message that was sometimes lost with the intermingling story lines, however an intriguing read nonetheless.

Try it out. It holds some worthwhile commentary on prejudice and economic inequality.

Just don’t expect wizards.

“She seemed to be trying to take in what Kay had said to her: this bizarre, dangerous advice about telling the truth”
― J.K. RowlingThe Casual Vacancy